Reply To: Mobile Shower Programs

Grace Roberts

    Hi Sahil,

    In the Resources page you will find examples of water quality data from a brackish bore and surface water, if you haven’t seen these already. I’ve also now added them to Design Area 5’s page for easier reference. You’re right that often there will be rainwater tanks that are used for showering in addition to drinking water and other uses. You should be able to find generic information available online regarding rainwater quality.

    As the project description mentions the common availability of rainwater tanks, I would suggest you assume this is the main water supply for showers. So, for the water supplying the mobile showers, you don’t need to incorporate a filter as rainwater will be of sufficient quality for showering. Instead, in addition to the mobile shower design, the focus will be on the water management of the output water from the shower to reduce the environmental impact of the runoff water. For example, this might include some form of filtration and release mechanism or other process to appropriately manage the greywater.

    However, if you’re particularly interested in filtration, I suggest you consider completing the project ‘5.1 Water treatment system for saline bores’.

    Hope this helps!

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