Reply To: Stake Holders

Grace Roberts

    Hi everyone,

    I had another related question come through from someone else:

    “I have a question on a stakeholder for the washdown stations in Cape York project, I am trying to write about the local government as a stakeholder and I have noticed that there is more than one organisation that pop up when researching. Is there a specific organisation that we should consider the stakeholder for this project when considering the local government?”

    Yes it’s not surprising that you have found several organisations, or local government groups, pop up during your research for stakeholders in Cape York. A useful map and list is here on the Local Government Association of Queensland website. As the EWB Challenge this year focuses on the whole Cape York region, you can either refer to a few local governments as examples in your research, or you could also select a particular place in Cape York to focus on. For example, if you were piloting your design idea, where do you think would be a good place to do so based on your research? Then you could state this in your research as a case study and do specific research around the local government or other bodies and organisations in that area.

    I hope this helps, but feel free to ask further questions here.

    Best of luck in your project,