Reply To: Builders

Luke Barbagallo

    Hey Andrew,

    Great question!

    The answer to this question will be dependent on the type of structures that are being built, and who the main stakeholders would be for the project.

    The size of the project is also a consideration; CfAT have existing local networks of contractors and trades, but if it is of a large scale or has a high degree of technical complexity, other labour or firms might need to be involved. If it is a smaller scale project, then there is potential for using existing local contractors, or even local rangers utilising local resources.
    A further consideration is the funding source; is it private, government or a combination of both? Will a tender process need to be developed? Will the final decision on who will lead the construction lie with a private interest? If either, what are the implications?

    This is where you come in: It is your team’s responsibility to consider the appropriateness of the structure as it relates to the project goals, and the various limitations and opportunities that exist in Cape York, and ultimately make a recommendation as to whether the structures will rely on local or non-local labour and skills to build. I suggest you refer to the Design Area 1: Transport and Access section of the challenge brief, as this will give you insights into the logistical challenges of construction across the peninsula.

    Reach out if you’ve got further questions,