Reply To: Mobile Shower Programs

Grace Roberts

    Hi Sahil,

    Thanks for sharing your question here. That’s great that you have identified rangers as a key stakeholder group and you are trying to learn more about them to inform your project.

    I will respond to your questions as outlined in your email:
    1) What are the different classes? Male/females, age variations of rangers, religious and social groups amongst the rangers
    2) Some images i can use for the report about the rangers.
    3) What are their concerns, interests and needs regarding showers and such projects
    3) What the rangers want to achieve.

    Q1,2,4: There are varying demographics of rangers across different ranger groups. They include different genders and ages. Design Area 7 outlines most of our resources at the end relating to rangers which you can use to find a lot of this information. Even if you can’t find statistics, qualitative research is still very informative and you can use the sources to inform your report – for example, The Guardian article talks about women in ranger programs and links to other resources on this. This article is also mentions their challenges and their aspirations are often implied in the story. This article also includes images you can use for your report if you like, or the Stories from Country resource in Design Area 7 also. The Conversation article talks about the importance of having ranger programs and what they want to achieve more broadly. Generally, caring for and connection to Country is very important for rangers, as outlined in this interview with Karen and the ‘Guide for visiting Country respectfully’ in the Resources section

    Q3: The key insights from rangers regarding showers are outlined in the project opportunity – 5.3 Mobile showers for ranger programs. This includes an interest and need for a shower that is portable and able to be readily/quickly compacted and transported on a 4WD, and has low-environmental impacts from run-off water to avoid issues such as silting in local waterways or other pollution (their concerns). For the remainder of their concerns, interests and needs perhaps try to empathise with a ranger after reading through the resources. If you were a ranger, what would be important to you for a shower system? What might be a challenge or concern?

    Where you can’t find the exact statistics you are looking for, use this EWB Challenge FAQs resource on how to approach this – such as making assumptions and stating these in your report. If you are going to consider demographics like in your Q1, be sure to ask yourself ‘what is this information telling me about the project? How will this influence my design?’. Some things we like to know but we may not need to know a statistic to develop an overall good solution.

    I hope this helps!

    Best of luck with your project,