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    Yohan Perera

      My group and I are working on project opportunity 3.3 – Low-energy, secure keeping place for artefacts and we are having difficulty finding information that will help us better define the problem. We have a few questions that we are hoping you can answer.

      1) We were hoping that you could give us some detail on how the artifacts are being used (ie Stored and displayed or actively being used?

      2)We understand that the HUB will be run by the Dawul Wuru Corporation and the rangers that they hire/volunteer with them but we were hoping for more specific information. Who are the people in charge of preserving the artifacts? Are they Elders of the community? What kind of methods do they use to preserve artefacts currently?

      Rachel Alford

        Hi Yohan,

        Thanks for your questions – it’s great to see you trying to understand the current context to inform your design.

        Currently, artefacts are kept in a glass cabinet in the Dawul Wuru office. However their collection is outgrowing this, and optimal storing of artefacts for longevity requires temperature and even humidity control so they do not quickly degrade, so they are looking for a design that is modular, low energy and can maintain optimal temperature and humidity to ensure the longevity of the artefacts.

        The community more broadly are involved in preserving the artefacts – you can be trusted with an artefact but not be an Elder, for example. However, you should also assume some items are not for public viewing and consider how Dawul Wuru and the Yirrganydji community can control who has access to viewing them.

        I also recommend taking a look at our interactives – the one at Dawul Wuru’s office shows examples of the artefacts and how they’re being stored currently. https://ewbchallenge.org/challenge/dawul-wuru-aboriginal-corporation/resources/

        Let me know if you have any further questions, and thanks for your patience!


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