Where are the lease agreements ?

Dawul Wuru Aboriginal Corporation General discussion Where are the lease agreements ?

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    Cassandra Cecconi

    My group and I have been trying to research what areas which the Dawul Wuru Aboriginal Corporation own and have access to and for how long they are allowed to use that area, as a result of Native Title. Are you aware of where we can locate this information ?
    Thank You 🙂

    Rachel Alford

    Hi Cassandra,

    Thanks for your questions! May I ask which project you’re working on? As this will allow me to give you some more relevant information in regards to your question.

    There is currently no Native Title ruling on Yirrganydji Country, so currently all the land is/will need to be leased that Dawul Wuru uses. The length of leases vary depending on the site, but for some there are long leases – for example if Dawul Wuru were to use the land at Wangetti it would likely be a 25 year lease.

    Without knowing which project you’re working on it’s a bit tricky to provide more information, as what will be helpful will depend on what you are wanting the information about leases for, so please let me know and I can get back to you.

    I also recommend reading through the Land Tenure section of the Yirrganydji Country page – this outlines the overall status of Dawul Wuru’s land tenure. The interactive resources also provide specific information for the land tenure of different sites.


    Cassandra Cecconi

    Hi Rachel,

    Thank you so much for getting back to me and providing us with some resources to look into.

    We are doing Caring for Sea Country, project opportunity 5.3 Natural water management system for tanks.

    Thank You,

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