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    Long Pham

      Hey there,
      From what I saw on the 360 interactive, the pictures at the Ou Te River display the dry season based on one of the videos called ‘Dry Season Crossing’. From what the resources describe the river can get wide as 50m wide. We also saw the village sometimes get 1m of flooding; assuming the river is 1.5m due to the suspension bridge, does the river swell up during the wet season and flow into the river into the land to make the 50m wide estimation? Or is this 50m estimation referring to a part of the river away from the village? We wondering if you could also more pictures of the village and the river during the wet season.

      Thank you for reading.

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      Jean Aquinde

        Hi Long,

        Thanks for your patience. FYI all the scoping images/ interactives/videos provided were taken during the wet season. The dry season crossing video showing where the road crosses the river is recorded to show the path from point A to point B of the riverbank (but it’s taken during the wet season, so in the video, it looks fully submerged)

        For clarification, the river can get up to 50m wide and 3m deep in the wet season. It can swell up during the wet season, sometimes reaching 50m wide.

        I hope that helps.


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