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    Tobin Williams

      My team have chosen project 3.1 Solar-powered specimen tank for the EWB challenge.
      We have been researching places where the tank and equipment could be located and we came across the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park and where wondering how this facility is connected to the Dawul Wuru Aboriginal Corporation?

      Rachel Alford

        Hi Tobin,

        Thanks for your question, and great to see your broader research into the area!

        Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park is operated by the Djabugay (or Tjapukai) people on Djabugay Country, which is located next to Yirrganydji Country (although there are disputes about certain areas). Unfortunately this park has permanently shut down as a result of the pandemic:

        One option for the location of the solar-powered specimen tank would be Dawul Wuru’s Collective Hub on Country. As an organisation, Dawul Wuru has identified a desire of three different spaces which could be used as a location for this Hub, and all three can be explored through our interactives. You can assume that there would be space in the Hub for this tank, however you are also welcome to make recommendations for other locations where it could be located too. The important thing to remember while designing the tank is that it may end up being located in one of several different locations, so how can you ensure that your design is flexible and adaptable enough to be deployed in a variety of locations.

        I hope this helps, but please reach out if you have any further questions!

        Good luck with your project,

        Tobin Williams

          Thank you for that information. Really cleared somethings up for our team.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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