The location of rehabilitation centres

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    Kei Yin Leung

    Hi, I am curious whether there will be a specific place the dugong will be transported to. I understand that the duration of the transportation varies depending on what aquarium or vet it will be transported to. It could even be a long distance transportation like between cities. Yet could you possibly give one example of the name of one of the onshore centres or assessment places.


    Rachel Alford

    Hi Kei,

    Sure, one such example of a location is the Cairns Aquarium. However, as you note, it is not guaranteed that the dugongs will be transported here, so please keep in mind the factors that you’ve outlined in your question as you go through your design process.

    Hope that helps!

    Charles Heyburn

    To we have an expected travel time to account for?

    Rachel Alford

    Hi Charles,

    Thanks for your question. We can’t provide a specific travel time to account for in your design, because there isn’t any certainty around where the wildlife would be taken, however the following information may be useful for you:

    Cairns Aquarium is a likely location that the injured wildlife would be taken, so given the size of Yirrganydji Country the approximate time in transportation would be an hour or two. However, when designing solutions in the EWB Challenge we encourage teams to look at the ‘worst case’ scenario and see if their design can be applicable for them. For example, while it may only be an hour’s drive from Port Douglas to Cairns, what if there is a traffic jam/no-one at the aquarium/another event which happens which prolongs the time that the animal needs to spend in the tank? How can you ensure that they are still safely transported if events like that arise?

    You can assume that overnight freight is unlikely and the most likely time of transportation would be a couple of hours, but any additions to your design which prolong the time an animal spends in the tanks if needed are strongly encouraged!


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