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    Jacky Darwin

      Halloo, My group has a few questions about the retaining wall project.
      1. Are there any wildlife in the river?
      2. Are there any animals surrounding the river? If yes, what is the type of it?
      3. Is the use of mangrove trees considered disrespectful to their country?
      4. Are there any skillful people to build the rammed earth?
      That’s all Thank you!!!

      Jacky Darwin

        Will any maintenance will be done. If yes, will it be done yearly

        Jean Aquinde

          Hi Jacky,

          The answers to your questions 1-3 are already found in the Design Area 1 – Structures brief. I wonder if you had a chance to browse the interactives? It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the environment and culture of your target project location.

          In terms of having skilled people to build the rammed earth, many of the maintenance crew employed at Dawul Wuru have a wide range of skills, and some are qualified tradespeople. They also have an existing Yirrganydji Land and Sea Ranger Program in which they aim to provide support, training, life skills, and career pathways. In your proposal, you may include this specific skill as something they could develop.

          Can you give me more context regarding your question on maintenance? Does this refer to your proposed structure once it’s built?

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          Jacky Darwin

            Does there need to be a gap between the walls or will it be one whole straight structure?

            Jacky Darwin

              For maintenance, if like there is some rock in the river which hit on the wall and make it got hole already.
              So will it be fix or any maintenance done on it or not?
              Thank you so much!!!

              Rachel Alford

                Hi Jacky,

                Thanks for the follow up questions and for clarifying!

                Both of these questions you’ve put forward will need to be decided by you and your team as you do your research and put together your design proposal.

                For whether it needs to be a gap between the walls or it be one straight structure, that will be up to you to decide. What are the benefits of having one structure vs having gaps in it? Why is one better than the other, based on your research? This is part of the decision making process which you should go through with your team as you put together your report, while documenting why you made the choices you did.

                In terms of maintenance, similarly this will be up to you to depending on your design. You might think about, who is best placed to support maintenance of these structures? Is it someone / a team in Dawul Wuru? Or will this have to be externally conducted? If it’s external, who will do it and how much will that cost? How frequently will maintenance be conducted? All of these questions will depend on your design, and you should recommendations in your report for how the maintenance should be conducted.

                I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions.


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