Residents requirements for wharf

Saibai Island, TSIRC Infrastructure Residents requirements for wharf

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    Mateusz Zaniewski

      What do local fishermen which utilise the marine infrastructure do with their boats/dinghies/banana boats when they’re not in use? Are local residents really in need of a docking bay for their small vessels? Or are they simply loaded on land using the boat ramp? We are in the process of designing our wharf and were wondering whether this is a key feature that the community would want. Furthermore, what other features would the community be looking for in a redesigned wharf, other than accessibility and access?

      Sai Rupa Dev

        Hi Mateusz,

        They load them up in land, they dock dinghies, but it isn’t super safe from a security perspective. Well secured docking bay idea is quite interesting.

        Some things I can think of are:
        – Safety (non-slip design, railings, lighting etc)
        – Storage (for equipment, supplies, and catch for fishermen)

        Hope that helps.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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