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    Ben Williams

      I am interested in knowing more about the Religion / Spiritual beliefs in Pu Ngaol. There was a small segment in the brief, but I would love some more info.

      Do they have an overarching religion? If so, what is the nature of it?

      How significant is their religion/spirituality in their lives?

      Is there a spiritual leader?

      Do the people have remote places of worship/prayer/respects? eg: household altars, shrines etc.

      Jean Aquinde

        Hi Ben,

        Thanks for your patience. Spirituality is tied to their indigenous culture – which is the Bunong culture. Unfortunately, our scoping team didn’t get an in-depth interview regarding their religious practices.

        However, I found some valuable information to give you more context. This article states, “The Bunong people practice a complex ceremonial aminist religion. Many communities have recently adopted Christianity.” In this blog post, a student tells about her experience talking first-hand to some Bunong elders.

        I hope this helps.


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