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    Mahir Uddin

      Hi So i have looked through the information through this site and i have found that the yirrganydji country is owned,managed and governed by the Dawul Wuru Aboriginal Corporation.What government structure do they follow though?And i am not asking about the local government structure.But rather the one that is being followed by the country itself. Any details you can share or links to useful sites would be highly appreciated,thanks!

      Rachel Alford

        Hi Mahir,

        Thanks for your question!

        I think you may have misinterpreted something while researching, as Yirrganydji Country is not owned, managed and governed by Dawul Wuru. When we speak about Yirrganydji Country, we are not referring to a distinct, self governing region in the same way you might think about a country like Australia, New Zealand etc, rather Country is often used by First Nations peoples to describe the lands, waterways and seas to which they are connected. I encourage you to spend some time exploring what Country means to First Nations communities, some resources to get you started are the Share Our Pride website (which can also be found in the Resources section), AIATSIS and the Ted Talk by Dawul Wuru’s Gavin Singleton, which can be found under the Video Resources.

        Building on that, the role of Dawul Wuru Aboriginal Corporation is not to own, manage and govern Yirrganydji Country, rather their aim is to protect, secure, support and promote the rights and interests of local Aboriginal Traditional owners and custodians. I encourage you to spend some time exploring the resources we have provided about Dawul Wuru, including the page on Yirrganydji Country, in order to understand them better which will help to inform your project. We have also hosted a number of discussions with Dawul Wuru and their recordings can be found on our Resources page, where you can hear from them directly how their organsation came to be, what their aims and desires are, as well as useful information for your projects. 

        I hope these help, please reach out with any further questions!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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