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Saibai Island, TSIRC Energy Ergon Contract

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    Amy Carter

      Hi Team,

      We are looking at the refrigeration issue and are thinking of a solution which incorporates sustainable energy sources.

      I note that Ergon Energy is contracted for the energy needs of the community, specifically the central power station and the solar systems.

      Do you know if it is in Ergon Energy’s capacity to manage/distribute electricity from wind turbines or other renewable energy sources (EG a microgrid set up)? Their annual report places an emphasis on solar, but I cannot locate anything about other renewable sources.

      Also, if we wanted to construct a wind turbine on the island and it is not in Ergon Energy’s capability, would the current contract between the QLD government and Ergon cause any issues (for example, does it have an agreement suggesting Ergon is to be the only energy supplier on the island). When does the current contract expire?

      Thanks so much!

      Warm Regards,
      Amy C

      Jean Aquinde

        Hi Amy,

        My apology for the delay in response. It looks like Ergon Energy is taking a refurbishment project of the wind turbines on Thursday Island. Check this LinkedIn post from Energy Queensland.

        For the purpose of your design project, we recommend that you put less focus on the current contract terms between Ergon Energy and the Queensland government. Contract terms can change over time and it shouldn’t be a major barrier to your proposed project at this time. We’d like to see the design opportunities you can come up to benefit the community!

        I hope that helps.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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