Dimensions, material used to make donga and weight

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    Md Zabir Hossain

      I am working on structures 3.3 and my idea is to use dongas for tourist shelters. I googled and could not find exact data about the dimensions and weight of the dongas in Cape york.
      Could you give me an idea of how much a donga might weigh and what are the dimensions?

      Rachel Alford


        Thanks for your question!

        Dongas come in various designs, sizes and shapes and you’ll need to determine which kind is most appropriate for your proposal, which will inform the weight, dimensions and materials used. For a tourist shelter, you might consider things such as the number of rooms required and what kinds of facilities you think a tourist shelter should have (eg kitchen, toilet etc).

        Some other things to consider is accessibility of the location for your tourist shelters – if you are planning on deploying your shelters along the main state road then a preconstructed shelter should be fine, however if the tourist shelters are to be located further off the main road you might want to consider a modular unit which can be transported in parts and assembled on site to account for the lack of main road.

        Another thing to keep in mind with the use of dongas is that often they are not suitable for the climate in Cape York, so you may need to do some retrofitting to make it more appropriate. This previous forum question shares some good insights into the challenges associated with dongas: https://ewbchallenge.org/forums/topic/3-1-shelter-design-to-enable-access-to-country/

        Hope this helps, and good luck with your project!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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