Current toilet infrastructure for composting toilet design

Dawul Wuru Aboriginal Corporation Waste & reuse Current toilet infrastructure for composting toilet design

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    Rachel Alford

      Hi all!

      We had this question come in by email which might be helpful for those looking at project 7.4:

      Q: We were wondering what their current toilet situation is (i.e. do they already have the infrastructure for flushing toilets) and where these toilets will be built. Will they be in a room in a building, or will they be in an out house next to it, or way out bush?

      A: In terms of current toilet infrastructure, Dawul Wuru’s office is currently located in a shared property space in Cairns. You can explore their current office in our interactive series.

      The composting toilets is an aspiration Dawul Wuru’s future infrastructure and operations. They have expressed an interest in having a low footprint and being off the grid, and composting, low maintenance toilets would help to achieve this. An example of where these toilets might be implemented is their Hub (you can find out more on their Vision of a Collective Hub on Country page), however ideally it will be able to be used alongside other infrastructure, for example their basic maintenance outstation (Project 1.6).

      As such, you can assume that there is no current infrastructure in place. In terms of where they will be built in relation to the other infrastructure, based on the information provided that will be a design decision for you to make!

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