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    Nyasha Maiwasha

      As is described in the project for 5.4, the design should be such that it connects the younger generation to the culture and also act as a source of education, this thereby makes the younger generation a key stakeholder for the project. Now I’m looking for some help on the sources that can help me outline
      the stakeholder’s Concerns,Interests and Needs? and what does the stakeholder want to achieve? Their long and short term impacts on the project and also the constraints they may cause on the project. If there are any sources you may know they will be of great help. Thank you

      Jean Aquinde

        Hi Nyasha,

        Yes, you’re spot on! The younger generation is a key stakeholder and must be included when thinking about your design project. We have heaps of resources on our website to help you understand what’s important to the Yirrganydji people (older and younger generations) and the ongoing work of Dawul Wuru. I’ve listed some below to get you started:

        > Video Series – TEDx Talk by Gavin Singleton
        > About Dawul Wuru Aboriginal Corporation
        > Yirrganydji Country
        > Vision of a Collective Hub on Country
        > Resources – Video interviews, documents from Dawul Wuru, etc.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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