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    Angus Stanyer

      Hi EWB, Is there a rough budget for the mobile solar system opportunity? as solar is quite expensive.
      Kind regards Angus

      Luke Barbagallo

        Hi Angus,

        This is key part of the challenge that you and your team need to navigate; how do you balance the user requirements and system size with the constraints of the operating environment and the vehicles used in the mobile array, with the potential costs of a system? We do not have a prescriptive budget in mind for this project, so it is up to you decide what is an appropriate cost in the context of meeting the user needs in an appropriate effective and efficient manner.

        Further, the benefit of the mobile system is that it negates the need to install multiple static systems; a well designed and high capacity mobile system is going to replace the need for two to three static systems. With this in mind, perhaps consider this when you’re planning your project and costing it; it may seem expensive, but what is the relative cost as measured against two, or even three, static solar PV and Battery systems on homesteads/ranger bases?

        There is a section that deals with budget questions in our Big Tricky Questions: Challenge FAQ’s – https://ewb.app.box.com/file/648621523508?s=ado1l9rv12aqoxoaomwftapckv1j7okz

        Have a read of this and let me know if you’d like further guidance.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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