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    Lindsay Donovan


      My team is working on a remote washdown station. (Energy and Water aspects)
      I am looking at water aspect.
      We have chosen Bore Water based upon its’ common application in the area & resilience to moderate drought.
      As well as reading a book on bore well construction & maintenance, I have taken particular attention to the website of Decle Drilling, Cooktown.
      As part of the task we need to determine costs.
      I also need to determine the required depth of the well, given geology, water table & regulation concerns.
      I feel that it would be highly beneficial, perhaps even crucial, to talk to a water borer via phone or email, or pose questions via EWB.

      The questions would be, given the assumptions below:
      1. How deep would the bore need to be?
      2. What diamater should the bore be?
      3. Is a BrushLess DC pump appropriate?
      4. What would the be upfront cost be?
      5. How much time/money should be set aside for annual maintenace?
      Research suggests it varies, but 1 specialist visit per year seems generally appropriate.

      Maximum draw 1000L of water per day
      Total 120,000 L per year (equivalent of 120 days per year at full draw)
      2L per minute (average) peak draw (assuming daily load is spread out over 8 hours)
      Pump will be filling a storage tank so a higher pumping rate for (e.g. 20 minutes per hour) would be completely acceptable.

      Regards, Lindsay.

      Grace Roberts

        Hi Lindsay,

        I apologise about our delay in responding to you – at busy times of semester it can take us longer to reply when we have many students contacting us, especially when we have to check up on multiple questions per post and sometimes contact our partners first to gather answers which can cause delays. However, we always try our best to respond before it reaches 1 week so I’m sorry about that.

        For anyone reading this thread, you can head to this post for our response:

        Water Bores – Depth, detail – desire to contact ‘stakeholder’

        Best wishes,

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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