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Mondulkiri, Cambodia Energy Availability and cost of clay

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    Aj Moran

      Good evening, my group is doing some research on modified clay-in-clay pot evaporative cooling method that can hopefully handle Pu Ngaol’s high humidity. I was able to find that there are mines that readily export clay, but I couldn’t find any prices on how much it cost /how available it is?

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      Jean Aquinde

        Hi Aj,

        It’s great that you’re considering traditional materials in your design. Unfortunately, we couldn’t source the pricing for you. However, I found some resources that might provide you with more context on the usage and availability of clay in building materials and general pottery:

        > Building Materials – a deep dive into the widely used construction materials for residential projects throughout Cambodia by Kambujaya
        > Sourcing the Clay by Khmer Ceramics Fine Arts Centre

        I hope this helps.


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