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    Bilal Ali

      1. Existing methods deemed inappropriate.
      We are just seeking some clarification on why current methods are deemed in appropriate. For example sea cages are a current method used in hinchinbrook and is a method of aquaculture with a high yield. In conjunction with strong currents and certain chemicals the waste can biodegrade safely with a low impact on the environment. Is this considered inappropriate due to the lack of strong currents in the region? Or is it due to the impact on the local community as they might not like an aquaculture business on the coastline? There are successful aquaculture ventures that circumvent this issue by operating around 6km out to sea however we assume this is inappropriate due to the operational costs of being so far from shore.
      2. Alternative options
      Is there the option to lower the yield and instead incorporate community events and tourism which would greatly reduce the environmental impact and granting many other benefits?
      3. Mars stars
      Current information on Mars stars indicates success in growth of coral further out to sea in areas that have coral debris. In terms of the repurposing of Mars stars is this with the idea of having aquaculture further out to sea or is it for coastal areas?
      4. Who will run the business?
      Will this aquaculture venture be run by Dawul wuru or is the goal to provide the foundations for an aquaculture business that is run by members of the yrrganydji community?
      5. Construction of a jetty/pontoon
      Is there the option of a small jetty/pontoon and gangway to be constructed? There was interest in a boat ramp but has Dawul wuru expressed any interest or disinterest with this idea?

      This is a very interesting project, Thank you in advance.

      Rachel Alford

        Hi Bilal,

        I’ve answered your questions here: https://ewbchallenge.org/forums/topic/section-5-4/#post-5023


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