5.3 Community Garden questions

Saibai Island, TSIRC Climate Change Adaptation 5.3 Community Garden questions

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    Mathew Yeoh

      In regards to the community garden,
      1) What are the dimensions of the plot of land it is situated on (Width x Length)
      2) Is the garden restricted only to this plot of land?
      3) Is there any significance to the tree that is currently in the middle of the garden (And the other square plots)?
      4) What facilities are currently in the buildings in the garden next to the road?

      Jean Aquinde

        Hi Matthew,

        My apology for the late reply, as we’ve been preoccupied setting up the website.

        To answer your questions:

        1) In Google Earth, you can use the Measurement Tools to determine the perimeter and the area of the existing garden plot.
        2) Yes, as to date, this is the intended space for the garden.
        3) To our knowledge, the tree in the middle of the plot doesn’t have a cultural significance. I’m curious, what’s your thought process around this?
        4) Based from this presentation, they have constructed a large nursery and an undercover meeting area as Stage 1 of the project.

        I hope this helps!


        Mathew Yeoh

          Hi Jean

          Thanks for your answers

          For #3, I was just thinking about whether students had access to the whole plot of land or had to consider the preservation of certain areas of the garden or perhaps if the trees or anywhere else nearby was a memorial or had any sort of historical/cultural/etc significance which they had to be aware of or preserve.

          Jean Aquinde

            You’re welcome Matthew! Glad you’re considering these factors in your design. It also shows that you’re being respectful of what’s important to the community.

            Marlo Macaulay

              Hi Jean,

              Do the Saibai community want their gardens improved? e.g. quality of soil, cultivation etc.



              Jean Aquinde

                Hi Mario,

                Yes, that’s precisely what the design brief 5.3. Sustainable community garden expansion asks for; the factors you mentioned (quality of soil and cultivation) are just among the many variables you can improve.

                Reflecting on this question with your team when brainstorming ways to improve the community garden may be helpful: What opportunities can you see to make the garden sustainable long-term and contribute to local food security?

                I hope this helps.


                Jamie Ingram

                  In regards to the community garden.

                  What equipment is already being used for growing fruits and vegetables? For example are garden beds being used?

                  Is the reticulation from rain tanks or mains water?

                  What fruits and vegetable are already being grown? And how successful have they been?

                  Are the habitants of Saibai Island open to alternative gardening methods, or do they prefer traditional methods?

                  How many people tend to the garden? And how qualified would they be in regards to maintenance and repair of mechanical and electrical equipment?

                  Sai Rupa Dev

                    Hi Jamie,

                    1. The garden isn’t actively being used at the moment.
                    2. Reticulation is from the primary lagoon
                    3. As mentioned, the garden isn’t active at the moment but this presentation outlines the plans that they’ve had on slide 13
                    4. They are open to alternative gardening methods as long as it is respectful to the Country
                    5. The garden is untended to at the moment, but there is a huge interest to revive it, from the rangers, students, Islanders and TSIRC.

                    Hope that helps.

                    Tim Merwood


                      Regarding the shed structure in the Community Garden:
                      1. What is it being utilised for at the moment?
                      2. What size clearance is there on the eastern side of the structure (there appears to be vegetation close to the structure on the eastern side?)
                      3. The Google Earth image shows 5 circular structures, but these are not in the 360-degree image on the EWB site. Are they still there and if so, what are they?
                      4. Is there lifting devices and earthmoving equipment on the island? eg. cranes, forklifts, bobcats, front-end loaders etc.

                      Jean Aquinde

                        Hi Tim,

                        For more context, please scroll through our answers similar to yours in this thread.

                        To answer your questions in detail,

                        1. The shed structure seems intact but is not actively being used at the moment.
                        2. I’m not sure what you mean here, but how do you think that will affect the area of your design?
                        3. In the Interactives, it looks like there’s only one circular structure left. If you check this presentation, it seems like an extension of the nursery.
                        4. I would assume yes, and the island has the capacity to bring these equipment if necessary for construction.

                        I hope this helps.


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