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Sai Rupa Dev

    Hi William,

    Your group’s focus on exploring non-petroleum options for boating in Saibai Island is crucial for sustainable development. To provide insights for your design process, let’s address your inquiries regarding the current boating framework used by stakeholders:

    1. Number of Boats: While I don’t have specific data on the exact number of boats on Saibai Island, it’s reasonable to assume that there is a range of vessels used for various purposes, including transportation, fishing, and recreational activities. Given the island’s reliance on waterways for connectivity and livelihoods, boats play a vital role in daily life. There are approx 500 people on the island, so around 100 – 125 households, you can assume at least 60% of them have boats. So that comes out to 60 to 70 boats on the island

    2. Types of Boats: The types of boats used on Saibai Island can vary based on their intended use and availability. Common types may include traditional dugout canoes, motorized dinghies, and fishing boats.

    3, Types of Engines: The engines used on boats in Saibai Island are predominantly be diesel powered engines due to their widespread availability and ease of use.

    4. Servicing Facilities: Regarding servicing facilities for boats on the island, there may be limited infrastructure available, given the remote nature of Saibai Island. Basic maintenance and repair services may be provided by local mechanics or boat owners themselves. However, access to specialized equipment and expertise for servicing modern engines may be limited.

    Hope that helps.