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Jean Aquinde

    Hi Raphael,

    Thanks for sharing your idea of building a floating dock system for the community! I understand that designing for Saibai Island’s unique context presents challenges, but I’m confident your team is up to the task.

    We have a detailed list of design considerations in the brief that we’d like you to reflect upon in your design process. One example that directly connects material selection and impact on the environment is the lifecycle of the materials:

    Lifecycle: Effective engineering solutions to a problem should minimise environmental impacts throughout the entire lifecycle of a product. What happens to a product after it reaches the end of its utility is a crucial consideration for the resilience and sustainability of ecosystems and communities. By integrating end-of-life considerations into designs, students can contribute to developing a circular economy that promotes the reuse, recycling, and repurposing of materials. Students can explore the concept of designing for durability and longevity, which can prolong a product’s useful life and reduce the frequency of disposal. Additionally, incorporating remanufacturing and refurbishment processes into the design can extend the product lifespan, minimising waste generation.

    I hope this helps!