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Rachel Alford

    Hi Prameshwar,

    This page on the website will explain to you about the EWB Challenge and the way that it works. In short, each year EWB partners with a community-based organisation and works with them to identify project briefs for students to work on. This year, we’ve partnered with Dawul Wuru Aboriginal Corporation, who are based in Yirrganydji Country, which runs from Cairns to Port Douglas in Queensland. The project briefs from this year support the work of Dawul Wuru. You can read more specifically about Dawul Wuru’s involvement in the EWB Challenge on this page.

    I encourage you to explore the many resources we have provided on the website, including the introduction to the community partner, and learn about the background to each of the project briefs. I also encourage you to search through the discussion forum, as you will find relevant answers to your questions on here too. For example, you can find a link in the comment above which will direct you to your answer about stakeholders.