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Rachel Alford

    Hi Prameshwar,

    Thanks for your questions, I’ve answered them below:

    Q: Is there any problem that the community of that particular area facing because of the solar-powered tank?
    A: I’m not too sure what you mean by this question – are you able to be a bit more specific? Dawul Wuru currently do not possess a solar-powered tank, however it is something that they are interested in pursuing. As such, your designs for the tank will help Dawul Wuru reach their aspirations.

    Q: what are drawbacks of the tank? what can be its possible solution?
    A: That’s what we want you to investigate! The EWB Challenge involves researching about the community partner and their design aspirations and coming up with an appropriate proposal. This will involve investigating the challenges and solutions of different proposals to determine which will be the best suited design. As a starting point, I recommend learning about Dawul Wuru as an organisation, and reading the information about your project outlined in the design brief, and expanding your research from there.

    Good luck!