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Rachel Alford

    Hi Maya,

    Thanks for your patience with my response – I was waiting to hear back from someone who has visited the site who could provide some more context for you.

    The clearing for the lagoon is not huge – approximately 60m x 50m, and about 10m from the walking track nearby. It’s also quite close to the Barron River, but doesn’t have a direct channel joining it. The water levels in the area vary hugely depending on the season – the photos in the interactives were taking during the dry season so you can imagine that during the wet season there would be a lot more water. There is a walking track approximately 10m away which is ~2m above the lowest point in the lagoon, so you may want to build to that height. However, the water levels will vary season to season, so it’s best to design your boardwalk structure in such a way that it can withstand these changes. Additionally, the measurements I’ve provided are just estimations – does your design have enough flexibility to be lengthened/shortened/shape changed if need be? It’s also important to note that Dungarra is just one suggested location, and with the land only able to be leased to Dawul Wuru, you also need to think about whether your design is modular and flexible enough to be deployed in different locations if need be. 

    I hope that information is useful, but please reach out if you have any further questions!