Reply To: 5.2 long term purpose

Rachel Alford

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for your questions!

    The purpose behind the tank is not for long term rehabilitation or research purposes, it is for the transport of turtle, fish and coral on to other facilities. Dawul Wuru do have an interest in being able to research and rehabilitate species in the future, however at present they do not have the equipment to do so. 
    The tank would be used by Dawul Wuru to safely transport the animals or coral; it is not intended to be a long term ‘home’ for those collected.

    As to where they would be sent – it depends on the species and capacities of facilities. For the purposes of your project, it is best to assume that the tank may need to travel relatively long distances (eg to a different city) and you can assume that it will be transported by road. With that in mind, how can you design your tank in such a way that the species is able to survive in those conditions?

    I hope that helps, please let me know if you have any other questions.