Challenge Amplified

We know students are engaged and motivated when they are challenged with real-world and real-time projects in which to apply their learning. 

The ‘Challenge: Amplified’ Program is built for 2nd – 5th year courses, structured to incorporate the strengths of the EWB Challenge 1st year program with consideration of the requirements of smaller class sizes and later-year units.

EWB uses our real-time work in Cambodia, Vanuatu, and Timor-Leste to scope relevant project briefs which are ready to be incorporated into curriculum. EWB brings the knowledge, experience, and resources which compliments, rather than replicates, what a course coordinator is able to develop on their own.

By working with the Challenge: Amplified program, academics are able to incorporate real-world sociotechnical projects and learning resources into all stages of a university degree program.

Engaging with Challenge: Amplified program provides academics

Standard pricing is on a per course basis, however opportunities for discounted or pilot rates are available to university partners, to be discussed as part of an annual partnership renewal process and mid-year check-in meeting.

Example project topic areas include: