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Jean Aquinde

    Hi Tom,

    To clarify, when we mentioned that groups camp on Country, we’re simply citing it as one example of a greywater source.

    Other potential sources of greywater on the island include water from laundry, kitchen, and bathroom sinks. As a design challenge, we’d like student teams to think more broadly about other potential applications and configurations of the greywater reuse systems that can be installed on the island.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have information on the specific location of the campsites. According to this resource, Saibai Island’s Local Plan Code“Outstations and camping areas are generally located within the environmental management and conservation zone and are an important part of Torres Strait Islander life, helping to keep communities connected to their traditional lands.” To help you find these sites, check the Schedule 2 – Saibai Island maps. To learn more about how the Council manages the campsites, read Schedule 12 – Operation of camping grounds, available at TSIRC’s website.

    In general, one of the many ways to identify structural challenges is to investigate the area’s geology. The Queensland government has an open data of Saibai Geology Map that you can explore.

    I hope this helps you do further research!