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Jean Aquinde

    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for your questions and for thinking about tailoring your design solutions for the community. Here are my answers for each:

    1. In the brief, we mentioned that the proposed solution needs to address the rising sea levels and reduce the damage caused by the increased severity and frequency of storms, cyclones and floods. In a similar post, Dawul Wuru pointed out that they are most concerned about the erosion near the river banks closer to the mouth of the river. Please note that nearby residential areas will benefit from your proposed design of retaining walls, so I suggest you address the existing erosion problem and ensure the structure is designed to prevent flooding.

    2. This might be a great solution from a sustainability point of view. However, weigh the cost-benefits of executing land reclamation. If you plan to propose this to your design, how do you envision achieving this at a low cost?

    3. No specific materials are required to be included in the construction; however, I’d challenge you to look for natural materials or low-cost materials to source in the area to incorporate into the structure.

    4. Take a closer look at the erosion photo in Dunggara in the Interactives to estimate the design height needed.

    5. To get a better understanding, it’s essential to know what activities are allowed in that zone. Have a read on this resource – Great Barrier Reef Marine Parks Zoning MAP 5 – Cairns.

    I hope this helps.