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Sai Rupa Dev

    Hi Chamith,

    Thank you for the question and my apologies for the delayed response.
    As far as we know there aren’t many existing solutions for the prevention of floods, houses are built on stilts in order to minimize the damage in case of flash flooding. There is no automated system and the power generators would need to be manually shut down. Keep in mind that only 50% of the village is actively connected to the grid.
    Pu Ngaol at the moment has barely any emergency services; People mobilize themselves in case of an emergency.

    Have you considered black box solutions? As part of your project, you can black box a certain other problem that would need fixing in order for you to continue your project. You can make some assumptions and go ahead with your project while putting a certain aspect in a black box with an overview that another team is going to work on it.

    Hope it helps.

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