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Jean Aquinde

    Hi Bryce,

    It’s great that you are off to a good start in the design process, which is empathising with the users. It is indeed critical that the human element is considered when designing a solution for the community. EWB conducted participatory workshops with the the Pu Ngaol villagers to understand their strengths, needs, challenges and aspirations. Most of the raw transcripts are in Khmer, and we tried our best to capture their pain and delight points in the whiteboard notes of the Community Meeting Hall. Have you come across that in the Interactives: 360 Site Walkthroughs? There are also video snippets within the Interactives where we engaged a translator during one-on-one informal interviews with the villagers. To deepen your understanding of what’s important to them, I highly recommend watching the videos where we followed some villagers’ daily routines.

    All the best,