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Rachel Alford

    Hi Ethan,
    Thanks for your questions! I’ve answered them below:

    Q: could provide a list of Bush Tucker plants that grow natively in Yirrganydji Country, so I can research their nutritional information and the best environment to grow them.
    A: I’ve answered this question on this previous discussion forum thread.

    Q: Could you also provide the current diet of the average person in Yirrganyji Country so i can determine the nutritional benefits of having bush tucker available to them more widely.
    A: Unfortunately we don’t have access to that data, and I’m not sure it would be available anywhere. In this instance, when you’re unable to get concrete information about something you’re able to make informed assumptions. For example, you could look at the average Australian diet and make an assumption that Yirrganydji people have a similar diet. If you were to make assumptions like this, be sure to document them clearly in your report. We’ve put together a FAQs: Big Tricky Questions document which talks through some of the process of making assumptions when exact information isn’t available.

    Good luck with your project!