Reply To: Wangetti trail

Jean Aquinde

    Hi Cindy,

    Great question, and wonderful to see your broader research!
    The Wangetti trail would pass nearby the Wangetti site that you see in the interactive resource, which is a proposed site for Dawul Wuru infrastructure.

    The surrounding area of the Wangetti site will be a major rest/tourist stop at Wangetti for the trail. As such, you can assume the existing plans for eco-accommodation are separate from Dawul Wuru’s aspirations for a hub.

    However, the local Wangetti Land Trust was already considering using one of the nearby sites for economic purposes, as suggested in this article, and it could be an opportunity for Dawul Wuru to partner with Wangetti Land Trust to build on the same site, having distinct economic area as well as the ranger base and hub.

    Dawul Wuru’s hub’s accommodation, however, is intended for rangers, junior rangers, school groups and perhaps other visitors, but not the general public like the eco-accommodation. While Dawul Wuru would like tourism/economic opportunities as part of their hub, including a potential BioBank and potentially offering cultural tours, they would still work in conjunction with other businesses that would construct and run those more purely tourism businesses.