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Rachel Alford

    Hi Roman,

    Thanks for your questions, I’ve answered them below:

    Q: Is there a forklift available at the site or perhaps somewhere nearby?
    A: The site at Wangetti is how it appears in the interactive resources, so you can assume that there is no forklift on site. If you were to use a forklift to relate buildings you would need to factor this into your project costs and plan to ensure that the site is forklift accessible.

    Q: Around how many people would use this accommodation space at a given time?
    A: The number of people using the accommodation at any one time would vary considerably at different times. In the project description we describe the different types of groups that could use the accommodation, including school groups, staff such as rangers to stay overnight during intensive projects nearby, or for senior rangers to live permanently onsite with their families, or for short-term visitors to stay such as program partners or Yirrganydji family travelling to Cairns.  Based on who you know if using the space, you can make some informed assumptions about the number of people who could be staying. Given this range of uses, the flexibility in the design is essential. The accommodation space should be designed in a way that it can be modular and transformable according to the audience using it at any given time – such as single beds being set up for rangers, bunk beds or camping for school groups including the Junior Ranger program, and double beds for guests.

    I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any further questions!