Reply To: Water Quantity

Rachel Alford

    Hi Lucas,

    Are you able to talk me through how this information will inform your budget?
    Dawul Wuru receives funding through a variety of mechanisms, which includes tied and untied funding. You can assume that the drones were purchased with tied funds through a grant program, for example the Indigenous Land and Sea Programs funding from the government. As such, it is not an accurate way to determine a budget for an organisation based on a piece of equipment. 

    As I’ve mentioned in a previous thread to you, determining the budget can be one of the more challenging aspects of the EWB Challenge, where you have to justify the value your project gives. Rather than thinking about it as how much money Dawul Wuru has to spare, you could reframe your thinking as what value your project provides, and how much is a reasonable cost for this. For example, your project could justify a higher upfront cost if you were able to demonstrate that it could provide revenue for Dawul Wuru (as you were mentioning in another thread).