Reply To: Cultural Acceptance

Rachel Alford


    Thanks for your question, and it’s great to see that you’re wanting to incorporate culture into your designs!

    If you weren’t able to attend, I recommend watching the recent panel discussion that we held with Brian and Gavin from Dawul Wuru ‘Designing for Yirrganydji Country‘ which can be found in our Resources section- towards the of the recording end (in the final 10 minutes) they answer this question directly about incorporation of culture into your designs. 

    In terms of your specific question regarding the wooden carvings, my question would be do you need to prescribe what is displayed, or could this be a decision that Dawul Wuru make? For example, could you leave a space in the bedrooms with the intention of having cultural artworks that can be decided on by Dawul Wuru? If you’re unsure about whether something would be culturally appropriate, it is absolutely fine to leave those decisions to the community partner as long as you outline this in your report.

    I hope this helps, please reach out if you need any clarification!