Reply To: Bush Tucker

Lucas Nguyen

    Hi Rachel,
    Am I right in assuming that the bush tucker nursery will definitely be located in Dungarra, Redden Island, near Cairns (NOT in Port Douglas)? There was a video on the EWB website, where everyone was at Dungarra, and it was annoucned that this was a “potential” place for a ranger base. Furthermore, the ranger base will be at the Hub, and the nursery will be at the Hub too. So, can I assume that the nursery will be in Dungarra?

    Secondly, if Dawul Wuru currently don’t grow any bush tucker, why are there pictures of bush tucker at the bottom of the design area 4 webpage, that are labelled “bush tucker at dungarra”? Doesn’t this mean that they are currently growing bush tucker?

    Thirdly, what water source are they using to grow all those bush tucker plants that are displayed in those photos? Are they watering them with municipal (mains) water? Maybe with a combination of rainwater and municipal water? Or are these plants not watered at all – meaning that they are just growing based on the natural rainfall that falls at the Dungarra location, without any human aid?