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Rachel Alford

    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for your questions, I’ve answered each below:

    Q: Would you be able to tell me a bit more about how Dawul Wuru currently facilitates the transport of specimens that require rehab treatment, and if there is a current method for this transport?
    A: As this is a future aspiration for Dawul Wuru to collect and transport specimens, you can assume that currently Dawul Wuru does not have any formal equipment or facilities for transporting specimes, rather they liklely use make-shift methods on an adhoc/needs basis.

    Q: How many specimens are intended to be transported at once or are the specimens transported one by one?
    A: It depends! We are unable to give you an exact number of specimens that would require transportation at any one time because this number will vary. This is something that you should take into account in your final design – if there are several specimens that need to be transported, can your design accommodate that? As for whether they need to be together or one by one, again it depends on your design choice and justification. If you can design a tank that can accommodate all specimens at once then they could be transported together, however if there is a need for them to be separated then you can how can you make this happen? As you go through the design process, you’ll find that you will need to make some choices and navigate unknown information – the FAQs: Big Tricky Questions document can help frame some of this thinking. 

    Q: Will we require multiple sized tanks to accommodate specimens of various sizes or just one singular tank?
    A: I’ve answered this question on a previous thread, please see here:

    I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any further questions!