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Rachel Alford

    Hi Mitchell,

    Great questions, I’ll answer them below:

    Q: how much equipment needed to be taken on the boats(eg crane cages) if you could provide approximate size and weight of the items needed would be great.
    A: The gear that needs to be taken on a crocodile boat varies between outings, however if you take a look at the photo gallery in ‘Caring for Sea Country‘ and our interactives (particularly the Dawul Wuru office) you can get an idea of the size of the boats they use and can assume that all equipment fits in them. 

    Q: another question was if the boat needed to be propelled by an outboard or if inboard was an option
    A: Dawul Wuru are looking to continue using the boats they currently own. As these boats are currently operated by an outboard motor, an inboard motor would not be suitable in this instance.

    Q: another question was are you open to the use of a hybrid engine(noisy on for fast speed travel and then quiet on final approach
    A: This could be an interesting option to explore! One requirement when thinking about this is that the quiet/final approach engine has enough output to go against the current while they are tracking a crocodile upstream. As long as you provide in your final report a justification as to why you decided that the hybrid engine was most appropriate for the project, then it is a reasonable option to explore. 

    Q: another question was what amenities are required on the boat (toilet/ kitchen)?
    A: As with the answer to question one, I recommend taking a look at the photos of the boats and exploring the interactive of Dawul Wuru’s office to see their boats. As mentioned, this project is about exploring modifications to the existing boats rather than designing a new one from scratch.

    I hope this helps, and thank you for your patience!

    Please reach out if you have any further questions.