Reply To: Mobile Shower Programs

Dylan Manwaring


    I’m wondering if you might be able to shed any insights on a question I’ve been pondering over about the design of a portable shower solution for the Indigenous Rangers program.

    It occurred to me that it’s very easy to project a very Western definition of a “shower” onto the Rangers and to assume a traditional ‘stand-under-and-turn-on’ approach in the design.

    When I’ve been out bush for prolonged periods of time, it often becomes too much of a hassle to set up and keep clean if you’re frequently on the move. Sometimes a quick wash or wipe to get the important bits and the dirt off of your feet before crawling into a swag was preferred.

    This made me think, maybe more of a ‘bird-bath’ or flexible hose in a compact package would be better suited, but I can’t consult the end-users to explore this thinking further.

    Do you know if any conversations around this show any merit to that line of thinking, or is the traditional approach to the design of a shower the intended outcome?

    Thanks in advance.