Reply To: Dishwashers and separate freezer units

Grace Roberts

    Hi Isaac,

    Thanks for your questions. Yes, you can assume that there is lower dishwasher use across Cape York than the national average. Apart from dishwashers being relatively costly for residents with generally lower socio-economic backgrounds, there is also often water insecurity on homelands and outstations that don’t have access to mains water particularly in the dry season so that’s another reason why dishwashers may not be ideal in the context as they consume more water.

    And to your second question, yes there would likely be at least a fridge and a separate chest freezer for long term storage of perishable foods like meat, vegetables and bread – either due to poor road access to grocery stores during the wet season, long distances to major centres so they do bulk food shopping to these where prices are more affordable, or due to being off their property for months at a time at certain times of the year.

    Hope that helps, good luck with your project!