Reply To: Washdown Station

Luke Barbagallo

    Hey Keith,

    Thanks for your question! I’ll answer it below, but I encourage you read some of the other responses in the forum regarding wash down stations, as their is additional information you may find useful.

    1) What is the current SOP on using the washdown facility, do the drivers perform the washdown or are there onsite staff members? are all the existing washdown facility using the same SOP?
    A) Currently, the driver will exit the vehicle and do the wash down process on their own. There are limited instructions, but the design is rather simple. However, the two current washdown facilities on the Cape are not operational. Further, even when they are operational, as they are unstaffed, they are not compulsory.

    2) What is the cleaning agent used in the washing liquid, are they just normal collected water or are there chemicals added?
    A) To our knowledge, a cleaning agent isn’t used, as the purpose of the wash down is to simply remove any pest seeds and plant matter. You should consider how this waste water is treated as part of your solution also.