Reply To: Mobile solar powered bore pumps

Grace Roberts

    Hi Joshua and team,

    Thanks for your question. You can assume that the primary users of the mobile solar powered bore pumps would be ranger groups, however some may also be used by Traditional Owners who manage the land who often engage in some form of agriculture like a cattle station who might not stay at the site all-year-round. So their current experience and knowledge of managing these types of infrastructure might range from low-medium, but there might still be some other routine maintenance ideally by other technical experts from outside Cape York occasionally.

    For the current infrastructure used, take a look at the solar bore pump interactive if you haven’t already as this contains the only technical specifications we have in addition to the project description, and for the rest you can estimate using the images here and in the Water Design Area page, or do your own research online. Refer to our FAQ guide for guidance on what to do when you can’t find a technical specification that you need to progress your project and how to make and state assumptions in your report.

    People in communities in Cape York have varying skill sets, but there would be a number of local tradespeople with metalworking skills, for example. Rangers also have access to metal/wood workshops, and are very familiar with using electronic tech such as iPads and drones when working out on Country for example.

    Hope that helps!

    Best of luck with your project,