Reply To: Mobile solar powered bore pumps

Grace Roberts

    Hi Rui,

    Thanks for your question. The focus of this project is to design the mobile proportion of the technology – so the pump that can be attached and detached from the bore to change locations, and the accompanying solar power energy supply. This end-product will need to be able to be transferred relatively easily by 4WD vehicle or accompanying trailer. You can assume that there is a permanent water tank on site at these locations that the pump can be attached to to output the water for storage, in addition to the on-site bore.

    So, you will need to ensure your pump and solar power energy supply are compatible with a bore source (as per specifications in the project description) and a variety of standard water storage tanks. The sizes of tanks could be as little as 1000 litres and up to 10,000 depending the site and the existing infrastructure. You can browse images of example tanks in the Design Area 5 webpage. Your solution should work with the minimum setups, which could be a ground level 1000 litre tank. However, the example shown in the solar bore interactive shows a 5000 litre head tank, so you may choose to use this site to base your assumptions off regarding technical specifications.

    I would recommend taking a close look at the solar bore pump interactive if you haven’t already, to understand how an existing permanent solar bore pump works and the technology requirements to inform your project.

    I hope that helps answer your question, however you can post here again if you’d like us to clarify anything.

    Best of luck with your project,