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Luke Barbagallo

    Hey Sara, thanks for your questions – they’re great, and have picked up on some of the challenges that are present on the Peninsula. I’m going to respond to your queries as you put them to us, and provide some additional suggestions below.

    1. For the purpose of the challenge, it would best to assume that maintenance will conducted by rangers, and that the wash stations will be on state roads. We’ll confirm this, as it relates to your 4th questions

    2. Can you provide further insight into how the legal consequences would affect your solution design? If you’re approaching this from the context of the reliability of the system, and there being penalties for the operators of the washdown stations if they not operational, it would be ok to assume not. It might be interesting to have a look at washdown stations used in the agricultural sector for biosecurity, particularly with regards to livestock. There may be stronger regulatory codes that relate to system design and redundancies for remote sites that could have crossover with your project.

    3. a. Assume for the purpose of your project that it will be rangers, or contractors that have received training and support from the system designer/builder. Further, given a washdown station would have several cored trades to oversee the plumbing, electrical, mechanical and disposal elements of the design, any efforts to simplify the system an its maintenance requirements would be well received.

    4. We’ll return to you with information regarding the locations of the existing wash down stations. To gain insight on the existing infrastructure, we’d suggest the gallery of photos in the Design Area Transport & Access webpage of the Challenge Website, where there a number of images of vehicle washdown stations.

    We’ll endeavour to get back to you next week with further info.