Reply To: Health

Luke Barbagallo

    Hi Ahmed,

    Thanks for this question; it’s definitely good to get clarification on this, because access to health services is a challenge in any remote or rural community, and the Cape York Peninsula is no different.

    Before providing a few resources, I did want to point out that the design briefs have been developed in partnership with CfAT based on their area’s of expertise, impact and capacity to implement projects and solutions; CfAT do not currently address health services and access challenges. However, many of the project briefs could have potential downstream positive impacts for health outcomes.

    To learn more about health care in Cape York, I’d suggest heading to the State Government’s website for the public health provision on the Peninsula –
    This website has information about the various services available and links away to a number of other sources.

    Moving ahead, I’d recommend focusing on the existing design areas, and if there is a subsequent impact on access to health care, that’s great; however, please keep in mind that these projects have been well scoped, and that a strong design solution is one that is meeting the scoped challenge and can be actioned on by CfAT within their existing capabilities and organisational capacity.