Reply To: Recycled tubs

Luke Barbagallo

    Hi Lara,

    Grey water systems that are flood resilient and off ground could be an interesting area of exploration, given the brief in project 5.5, however linking it with a wicking bed system raises a few questions;
    – is there an interest/capacity for managing food grown in wicking beds? Can native bush foods be grown in this manner, or would it be western staples? Given that many of the sites are not occupied during the wet season, how viable/sustainable is growing food locally, and what should specifically be grown?

    With regards to sand filtration, to my knowledge, this hasn’t come up previously in the challenge. Also, even if aerobic sand filtration has be recommended previously, that doesn’t mean that your team cannot pursue this path, as you may find a novel approach that is less energy intensive, uses less area or is cheaper to install.

    The feasibility study that lives at this link explores aerobic sand filters in the context of ecotourism on the Peninsula. I’d recommend having read of this, as it could inform your understanding of gaps or opportunities in an aerobic sand filter in one the CfAT communities.