Reply To: Stake Holders

Grace Roberts

    Hi David,

    Thanks for your question asking for more guidance here.

    Those two stakeholders that you have already identified are definitely key to such a project. Another one as mentioned in Design Area 1 introduction under ‘Transport Systems and Environmental Impact’ is rangers. They can often be responsible for maintaining washdown stations in their work to reduce the spread of weeds into and across Indigenous Protected Areas. There is more information and resources about rangers in Design Area 7 that you can explore to understand this stakeholder.

    Another group is the Traditional Owners of the area and their Aboriginal Corporation if they have one. Although you won’t know the exact area the washdown station might be installed, you can make an assumption there would be one and factor these groups into your proposal.

    Finally, there might be some involvement of state or local government when it comes to road infrastructure.

    Hope that helps, you can reply here if you have any more questions.

    Best of luck!